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Dulwich Chess Club London
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Mission (top)

To promote chess - in London, the UK, and around the world. To make Dulwich Chess Club a shining example of best practise for running a chess club, wherever you might be.

Vision (top)

The club will be thriving:

Strategy (top)

Immediate Strategy

Update the website so that it specifically targets getting new and existing members to commit to matches.

Encourage all kinds of people to commit to matches:

Longer-Term Strategy

Information is key - let's make the website the centre-point for delivery of that information. Let's keep it as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

We'll make the website a content management system to enable multiple members to update it - and all members and the general public to update certain parts of it.

Club Fundraising (top)

Help us raise money for FREE! Click the link below and shop at your favourite online stores, and Dulwich Chess Club will get some money :)